Thursday, March 15, 2012

I just came to.......Is that Lasagna?

I'm still here?

Remember when you had that girlfriend who just wasn't the same girl you met a few months ago, was beginning to act a little crazy, and started increasing the boredom factor 10 fold every time she showed up? You tried to go to her place to drop the news softly that, "Things just aren't working out".....but when you got there she was whipping up your FAVORITE dinner? Now, you couldn't just pull the trigger and break up with her under those circumstances, so you swallowed your pride and "stuck it out" another week for the sake of stellar pasta. That's kind of how I feel today with Kevin Martin. I mean it was one thing that the Rockets couldn't make the big move that has eluded Daryl Morey his entire career, but I always felt like March 15 would be the last day KMart resided in Houston. He's played basketball like a woman scorned ever since David Stern ensured Rocket mediocrity and vetoed the Gasol trade. I guess all we can do now is hope that this "relationship extension" will reignite Martin's love for the game.....looks like we will be needing him for a first round playoff series.

What's that? Yes, even though the Rockets didn't land the big fish, I think they improved their team enough to lock down a playoff spot. We picked up Marcus Camby for a 2nd rounder, a baby giraffe(Thabeet), and a bag of peanuts(Flynn). He will surely provide better depth off the bench, and a much needed defensive presence when the Bert has to sit. Camby has a home in Houston so I'm sure he is excited to come down here and play during a postseason run. I would predict an early bump in his play for the first few weeks as he experiences some renewed excitement at the tender young age of 37. Camby will never be confused with Dwight Howard, but he is a solid pro who should do nothing but improve Houston's chances to lock one of the 8 playoff spots down.

The other move needs a little closer examination. On the surface it seems as though the Rockets traded Jordan Hill for the Los Angeles version of Stockton(Fisher). However, sources close to the Rockets have filled me in on the true reason they traded for one of Houston's most hated sons. You may remember a certain elbow that Scola took in a game against the Lakers once.....well apparently so does D Morey. Immediately after the trade, word broke that the Rockets were interested in other pg's and looking to buyout Fisher. Perfect! Apparently the Rockets will "rent" Fish for just long enough to allow Scola a chance to "rectify" the situation behind closed doors. Once Scola gets his revenge....adios Fisher....welcome back beloved Kyle Lowry. Win-win. Never fear Houstonians, you WILL NOT have to sell your soul to Stern and buy a red and yellow "Fisher" jersey(just threw up in my mouth a little). Thank God. Oh yeah....we also got Dallas' protected pick in the deal as well....that may have had something to do with it too.

One last thing. Watching THESE Rockets as constituted is not the worst job that NBA fans have. The last two games have shown that when this team moves the ball, plays motivated, and puts some effort on the glass(Camby should help) they can compete on a nightly basis with anybody in the West. How would you like to be an NBA fan in Charlotte, Toronto, or even New York? I get a lot of basketball pleasure from watching guys like Lowry, Dragic, Lee, Patterson, Scola and others each night. So Martin gets a stay of separation, the front court is improved, and Scola gets to settle an old score.......maybe not what Morey had in mind but......I for one can't wait for the stretch run. Go Rockets!

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