Sunday, September 4, 2011

Stephen's Suggestions 9/4/2011

After a lengthy hiatus the suggestions are back with the final entry in Burgers of Summer, football, and entertainment options on your Labor Day weekend.

Great bun. Tasty beef. Slightly heavy on the mayo.

BURGERS OF SUMMER: Miller's Cafe. Right off Bay Area Blvd. in a shopping center sits a simple looking cafe named Miller's that specializes in burgers. I got to eat a double meat Miller's burger recently on a work lunch. I would say it was much tastier than the usual fast food options that a 1 hour lunch normally provides. The burger was thick and juicy. Their famous poppy seed buns were easily the highlight of this burger. The one negative in my book was the 3 cups of mayonnaise that seemed to be overwhelming my meat. However, one swipe took care of the excess mayo and the tasty beef was able to come to the forefront. The best part was laughing at my coworkers' jealousy when describing their Chick-fil-a and Subway lunches. Since the calendar says September this will be the last Burgers of Summer entry but never fear, my love of the hamburger will continue to be a much practiced hobby. In fact there is an elusive fancy burger at The Mockingbird Bistro that will very soon be tamed. Hope you've had as much fun reading as I have eating, and perhaps you got some good ideas for YOUR next burger excursion.

BOOKS: Robopocalypse. This book by Daniel H. Wilson is a must for sci-fi and apocalyptic lovers everywhere. In the spirit of works like The Terminator, I Robot, Night of the Living Dead, and the Matrix this book is exciting, thought provoking, and an extremely good read. Brutal, honest, and terrifying Robopocalypse will have you staying up late reading about the apocalyptic battle between mankind and its own creation. Easily one of my favorite contemporary books in a long time. I was sad to get to the end and hoping for a sequel. I have heard rumors that the film rights have already been picked up. Let's hope Michael Bay and Shia Labeouf have nothing to do with it, right now Spielberg is set to direct.

NETFLIX: Lost. I know most of you watched this show when it aired, but I'm guessing several of you like my wife and I didn't get around to season 1 and knew this wasn't a series you could "jump into". Thanks to Netflix we are zooming through this series 1 or 2 episodes a night and having a lot of fun doing it. My friends who watched the show are laughing at my reaction to the previous night's episodes each morning, and generally agreeing that the Netflix marathon is a far better way to view the series. I can see how some people got discouraged with it, but when we get to a "filler" episode we just watch another right away to get the bad taste out of our mouths. We have 2 seasons to go and I have already had 2 requests to blog about the ending, so we shall see if it is controversial enough to demand a full post. Until then.........back to the island tonight.

FOOTBALL: Opening Week. We've already had a great weekend of college football and now the pros kick it off in style. Three match ups I can't wait to watch this week are Texans-Colts, Saints-Packers, and Cowboys-Jets. Give me Texans, Saints, and Jets for the three team parlay. If you didn't catch it earlier this week here is my Apedonkey NFL preview. Now let's all sit back and enjoy this three day weekend as good Americans: on the couch watching football on the big screen. God bless you Grover Cleveland for succumbing to the unions and declaring this sacred day of rest at the beginning of football season. Great President or Greatest President ever?

Those are my suggestions for the week. Take 'em or leave 'em.