Saturday, August 6, 2011

Stephen's Suggestions 8/6/2011

Burgers of Summer is coming to a rapid and delicious end. Football season is ramping up so expect the suggestions to be fewer and farther between but for now enjoy the latest 4 pack!

Double meat Honky Tonk Burger

BURGERS OF SUMMER: Stomp's Burger Joint. This little place off 146 a little ways past the Kemah boardwalk might just be my new favorite burger spot. Just like the name implies this is a tiny shack that doesn't stray far from their specialty........delicious hand made burgers. We sampled the Honky Tonk Burger (sausage, bacon, and bbq sauce), The Southern Belle (wine marinated patties), The Panhandler (think juicy burger meets tasty bucket of hot wings), and The Stomper (extra large Mexican buns (insert joke here), refried beans, and guacamole). We have been to several burger spots this summer and most of them have been excellent, however usually one or two of the burgers were not quite up to our lofty standards of beefy goodness. I can verify that each of these burgers tasted like an A+. We all got double meat and not a single burger cost over $5.98!!!!! We could very well have stumbled upon the greatest food value in the Houston area. Many of the burgers you have read about in this blog cost upwards of $8, but a double meat Stomp's burger is right up there with its pricey counterparts. No doubt about it if I were to rank based on $ value Stomp's would have to be #1. The best part is that this spot is only about 15min from my house. None of us could believe that we had never been here. We have already planned a trip back to sample some more Stomp burgers. The fries are very mediocre, but the onion rings were large and tasty. When you get a chance head over to Stomp's Burger Joint on 146, you are very likely to see a certain blogger in there getting his burger fix on!
The Stomper - sorry for the terrible phone resolution.

ENTERTAINMENT: Star Cinema Grill. When my wife and I have a babysitter and want to go see a movie this theatre/restaurant is our destination 90% of the time. We have a 4 month old so packing the most entertainment into the shortest period of time is important. Star Cinema lets us see a movie AND have a good dinner before we have to get home for the little dude's next feeding. The food is surprisingly good and reasonably priced. An entree usually runs about the same as a tub of popcorn and a drink at your local theatre. My personal favorite are the Desperado Tacos. The best part of Star Cinema? They have a full bar and adult beverage list so not only can you enjoy an adult beverage with your movie but most importantly even if you don't, this means that NO KIDS CAN ENTER THE THEATRE WITHOUT THEIR PARENTS! No more groups of 13 year olds running in and out of your movie. No more 12 year old girls giggling in the back row. No more families of 9 dropping all their kids off for free babysitting. Basically it's the movie equivalent of getting your licensed renewed at a members only gated community DMV. If you have never experienced the dinner/movie double down, check out Star Cinema in Clear Lake, Missouri City, or Conroe.

SMARTPHONE APP: Wordfeud. Like the more widely known Words with Friends, Wordfeud is basically scrabble over the internet. It was available first on the Android market so I started playing it a while back, and immediately fell under its addictive spell. My wife no longer plays me as our competitive relationship caused more than one heated smack talking due to the game. She also claims that my "restroom breaks" are now 50% longer due to Wordfeud and they usually occur when my son's diaper is dirty (I can neither confirm nor deny those accusations). My best and longest running feuds are against my sister jhjackson, jwebb33, epmckenna, and DuncansteinPi. All worthy opponents who bring their A game. The best thing about Wordfeud is that I can tell myself all those wasted hours have been spent sharpening my mind and improving my vocabulary, instead of shooting oddly colored birds with no mental challenges. If you get the app look me up at stephennaron. I'm sure my wife would be excited to learn I had picked up some new know to fill the time during restroom breaks and all.

SPORTS: New look Astros. Look I am as concerned as you are that our veteran leadership in the clubhouse now falls squarely on the shoulders of Carlos Lee, but I might have enjoyed watching the Stros more this week than all season. The other night Jordan Lyles got his first major league win despite already throwing several quality starts, J.D. Martinez socked his first ML HR, which if my math is correct places him firmly in second place on the team in that category, and Jose Altuve continued to stake his claim as the greatest 4'2" player in MLB history. I will admit that watching the Astros with a Cuban wife has also become much more useful (I can get pronunciations down quicker). At least if the Astros are going to lose the rest of the year we get to see what we have in some of these youngsters. The answer will probably dictate whether we become relevant again in 2013 or not until about 2021.

Those are my suggestions for the week. Take 'em or leave 'em.