Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stephen's Suggestions 7/27/2011

Another burger for your culinary pleasure, real life COPS, Breaking Bad, and did somebody say football?

The "Detention" - 2 weeks worth of nutrition.

SUMMER OF BURGERS: Bernie's Burger Bus. This mobile honor roll of burgers has been on our list ever since I heard of them on Southbound food with @LanceZierlein. It may be a little smaller than the bus that picked me up in grade school, but this is definitely not the short bus for burgers. This mecca of mobile meat easily served up one of the top 3 burgers we've had this summer. My friends talked me into trying the "Detention", a double meat burger with all the toppings including some delicious caramelized onions in between two apple wood smoked bacon grilled cheese sandwiches that serve as the bun! The closest comparison I can make to picking that burger up out of the brown paper bag is when I pick my 3-month old up out of his crib. This thing was massive! Several times I thought it would get the best of me, but I can proudly say I finished the burger and I haven't enjoyed a detention that much since the last time I watched The Breakfast Club. The only two strikes against Bernie's was the outdoor heat we had to endure and the less than stellar sweet potato fries. However, the truffle fries were some of the best sides we've had on our burger tour. You can follow the bus and find out where it's going to be @BerniesBurgers. I strongly suggest you do that and find the time to try one of Houston's BEST burgers.

This bus serves burgers that are slightly better than the ones from the cafeteria.

TV: Breaking Bad. As usual I am late to the party here, but Breaking Bad is all you've heard about. I was able to watch a few episodes and read some reviews before the season premiere and felt as nervous during that show as any of the fan boys who have been on board since day 1. Really this show has become enough a part of pop culture that most of you reading this already know the basic premise of the narrative without even watching one episode. If you'd like a great review of the season opener which left me on the edge of my couch here you go. All this to say, if you are like me a month ago and still haven't got on board with Walt, Jesse, and the rest of the gang, spend a day catching up and jump right in. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

ADVENTURE: Ride Along. One of my best friends is a police officer and we had been talking about doing a ride along for a while. I thought it would be an adventure to tag along while he patrolled the night shift. Well, last week it finally happened and what an adventure it was. I'm actually not sure what all I should say here so let me keep it simple. My night featured a suspect shot, a high speed police chase, and ended with me in police interrogation. Possibly the craziest ride along of all time and I definitely feel qualified to do play by play during COPS episodes now. My adrenaline was through the roof, and I walked away with a much greater respect for what those officers do on a daily basis. We spend a lot of much needed time thanking our military (rightfully so), but the police officers deserve a lot of thanks as well for protecting us on a daily basis even in times of "peace".

SPORTS: Football is back. YES! This lockout hasn't fazed my love for the NFL one iota. This week has been like one long Christmas morning all ready. If you're like me, since Sunday night it has been all NFL all the time. If not, then you can get your football fix by reading my latest two efforts over at the Sports Report: Texans Edition and Fantasy Football 101. Now let's get these fantasy football drafts done and open the season with a statement win over the Colts. Texans fans.....I'll see you in the playoffs this year!

Those are my suggestions for the week. Take 'em or leave 'em.

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