Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stephen's Suggestions 7/14/2011

Summer of burgers continues and much more to occupy your time.
Little Bitty Burger Barn

SUMMER OF BURGERS: Little Bitty Burger Barn. This place off 290W was high on ambiance. The atmosphere in this very small burger joint was great.There were lots of burgers to choose from and we sampled the Juicy Lucy (2 cheeses grilled into a 1/2 lb burger), the Big Juan (Pepper jack and jalapenos grilled into a 1/2 lb burger), and a double meat double cheese jalapeno bacon burger. All were good burgers, although after eating so many great burgers a few of us (especially those eating Juicy Lucy's) felt like the quality of the meat wasn't up to par with some of our previous spots. That being said, this spot can deliver a mean burger and the fries were excellent. If you go be sure to get there early as the room for seating is sparse. Also, it seemed the smaller 1/4 patties had a better taste than the 1/2 lb, so if you're hungry do a double meat instead of the larger patty.

Our best choice.
SPORTS: Women's World Cup. I know what you're saying, "Who is this guy telling me to watch women's soccer and what has he done with Stephen?" I didn't expect to get sucked in either, but after catching the end of Sunday's miracle win and Wednesday's improbable 3-1 victory, I am anxious to see these ladies finish the job Sunday. Contrary to popular belief I am not a complete sexist when it comes to sports. In fact if you watched Wednesday's game at my house and guessed it was me who said, "Our girls are a lot better looking than these French women." You would be wrong, although I did vehemently agree with my wife's astute observation. So congratulations ladies you have done what the men's team has never accomplished, keep me interested in soccer for more than one game. Good luck to Hope Solo and the rest of the team. I would be shocked if they don't close the deal against Japan.

TV: Friday Night Lights. Somehow I never caught this show when it first aired, but over the summer I have corrected that embarrassing line in my TV resume. I have said it here before, but this is really a great show. If you are a fan here is a great oral history of the show from Robert Mays. The finale airs on Friday and then it can forever enter the TV conversation of greatest dramas ever. It's currently on Netflix on demand, so if you haven't already dropped the service because of the price increase do like I did and start watching. I'm pretty sure Coach Taylor could solve his marriage issues, counsel young men, and win the state championship game faster than Coach Kubiak could call a play in the red zone.

BLOGS: Apedonkey. I have mentioned this website before, but I do so now to tell you that more of my sports takes will be appearing there. These guys do a great job reviewing television shows and have begun to include more music and movies too. Think of it as a Tom Haverford entertainment 720 type takeover of media. I was asked to contribute to the sports side of the site, and am excited to get another outlet for my takes. I guess I could be considered the Detlef Schrempf of Apedonkey. Anyway, I hope you get a chance to check it out. My first article is here.

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