Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stephen's Suggestions 6/28/2011

Another mid-week Summer edition of Stephen's suggestions featuring the much anticipated return of Summer of Burgers.

Yes, that IS a fried egg sitting on top of my burger.
 SUMMER OF BURGERS: The Burger Guys. Located on Old Westheimer Rd. way out in Northwest Houston outside the Beltway, The Burger Guys is a pilgrimage worthy of only the most ardent burger aficionados. From LaPorte/Pasadena area it took us about 45 minutes to make the lunchtime drive to this tiny spot of burger bliss. Each burger on the menu costs $8 and is named for the city that inspired it. We had a Houston and a Sonoma burger. With ingredients like onion bacon jam, fancy lawnmower ale mustard, bread and butter jalapenos, applewood smoked bacon, and aioli these burgers sound like they belong on a five-star restaurant menu instead of a burger joint. For $1 more you can add a fried egg to your meat masterpiece (what does a fried egg NOT make better?). The Burger Guys absolutely murdered it in the sides category. Their Belgian fries made with duck fat were amazing, and with each order you can pick from two of the five homemade dipping sauces. Those fries probably deserve a 2,000 word blog unto themselves. Add in their old school Imperial Sugar soda fountains and homemade shakes featuring such flavors as Cookie Crisp cereal, and you have a pig out joint worthy of the largest appetites. If you do make the trek to this mecca of meat I have two suggestions. 1. If you don't like your burger with a lot of pink be sure to order medium well -well done. 2. If sodium is an issue you may want to opt for a shake instead of fries to go with your burger.

ENTERTAINMENT: Minute Maid Park. Got to check out my first Astros game live this season (yes, they were free tickets), and came away with an even greater appreciation for the juice box. You can see roughly 29 better baseball teams than the Astros, but there are not too many ballparks that top Minute Maid. I was most impressed by the new HD video screen above right field. WOW! That thing is truly impressive in person. Even as someone who enjoys all the intricacies of a game of baseball, I found myself staring at that monument to technological achievement more than I expected. This was probably due to the fact that the Astros could only muster three measly hits in nine innings, but still, that scoreboard is sweet! Talk about great value, I am fairly certain I saw a scalper trade two dugout tickets for a pack of cigarettes and a diet coke.

"I keep gettin older...but these aliens stay the same age"
 TV: Falling Skies. Finally got around to watching the TNT premiere of Falling Skies after hearing from several people that it was The Walking Dead with aliens. WRONG. That's a little like saying the WNBA is the NBA with women. Falling Skies didn't have the excellent mood and grittiness that makes The Walking Dead so good. It also felt like a Saturday morning special with the PSA's for American history and moral codes. The Walking Dead embraces survivors' struggles with moral dilemma, but it does so in a far more realistic and honest way. Also, Noah Wyle has a little Wooderson look to him which I found slightly distracting. My suggestion here is to skip this summer drama and wait till October when the zombies come back and show these aliens how it's done.

CELEBRATIONS: Fireworks. Not only is this current Saharan drought threatening to turn my front lawn into a sandbox, but now it is taking aim at an American institution.... 4th of July fireworks. It appears that most cities in the Houston area will be cancelling their annual fireworks shows due to dry weather. Never fear though, my sister informed me that Crosby will only be "postponing" their much anticipated show until Labor day. Sure Crosby we will all make the journey to your town for some good old September fireworks. Please. My suggestion is to go on with the show. There are few things that I am adamant about keeping tradition, fireworks on the 4th is at the top of the list. Besides what is the worst that could happen? Our ugly lawns could burn and we may all be drenched with ice cold hydrant water? I say we take our chances.

Those are my suggestions for the week. Take 'em or leave 'em.

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