Thursday, June 16, 2011

NFL Reality Check

What would you do if you couldn't watch me?
 So far every talking head on ESPN, Ray Lewis, Magic Johnson, The President, and pretty much everybody else on TV and the Internet has told me how important it is for the NFL to end this lockout. Now if you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that I am a self described "huge sports fan". However, I am tired of hearing how my entire existence depends on whether or not the owners and players can solve their differences and end the lockout. Guess what? I love football, but it doesn't define my life. Do I look forward to Texans games and Sunday-Monday night NFL? Absolutely. Guess what else I look forward to on Sundays? Worshipping at my church. Gorging myself at the traditional Sunday afternoon lunch at my parents' house. Spending time with my wife and kids. I think I will be able to prevent myself from committing suicide if the NFL doesn't come back by Labor Day. Whatever will I do with myself if I can't spend 4-10pm wondering how in the world the Texans managed to blow another game in the 4th quarter? Don't get me wrong, I care if this thing gets solved and would love for football season to start on time. What I don't care for is the ridiculous language being thrown about to try and describe how important football season is to us common folk. Ray Lewis, I think I will be able to stay out of jail on Sundays even without the NFL on TV, as a Texans fan there is probably a 1000x better chance of me doing something to go to jail BECAUSE football is on TV (just ask my wife). Is it any wonder how we have created athletes like Lebron James who tell us smugly, "You will still have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life." ? Yeah Lebron I will, and you know what Mr. Goodell if the NFL doesn't come back this year I will STILL wake up and have the same life I had yesterday. Last I checked college football WILL be returning. The way ESPN broadcasts 3 games a night 7 days a week, I'm pretty sure I will be able to get my football fix on without the NFL. So here's to you guys figuring out how to divide the million dollar profits of America's most successful sport, just realize that if you can't, most of us will be able to make it without you.

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