Saturday, May 7, 2011

Stephen's Suggestions 5/7/2011

Another installment of award winning recommendations to fill your free time with.
SPORTS: OLD GUYS DIE HARD. If you haven't been paying attention, this year's NBA playoffs are signalling a changing of the guard. We haven't seen a takeover this hostile since the American Revolution. Spurs? Taken out back and euthanized....Old Yeller style. Lakers? Down 0-3 and attempting to replace Pau with Lamar's husband. Celtics? Down 1-2 and looking older than Dick Clark. Something tells me this is a trend and not an aberration. Sorry fellas, I'll just give you a quote from my wife last time I came limping into the house after playing pick up basketball. "You're getting too old to do that." - Take note and start remembering the good old days.

RADIO: THE GAME. 1560 AM. Sports talk can be a Sahara desert of bumbling idiots, inflated egos, and mentally deranged callers. If you like your sports radio to be smart, funny, and entertaining then I suggest you tune in to 1560. Don't give me that, "But the signal is too weak in my car" crap. Get with the 21st century and use your smart phone to download one of the many free apps to listen to live radio. I have an android and listen regularly using the Tunein Radio app. The sound is always crisp and clear. Basically, what I am trying to tell you is that if you still listen to 610 or 790 in Houston, then you are the radio version of the San Antonio Spurs.

FOOD: BULLRITOS. Most of my friends know by now that one of my guilty pleasures is an occasional burrito from Bullritos. Although to be fair, calling it a burrito is like calling the Titanic a boat. These suckers are bigger than my month old baby. Packed with meat, fresh veggies, and rice and beans, a standard bullrito is large enough to feed a small African nation. Top it off with their signature cilantro ranch sauce, and you are headed for a very enjoyable afternoon nap. Check it out. Thank me later.

LIFE: JUST DO IT. I know that is an overused phrase, but I want to encourage you to do something you have always wanted to do. I spent a couple of hours today tweaking this blog, and it was a lot of fun. I've been saying for 2 years that I would love to start doing a blog, and finally a few months ago I did. Now the content here isn't going to solve the world's most pressing issues, but hopefully it provides some people with an entertaining take on sports and other stuff. Most importantly, it has become a labor of love for me. I really enjoy writing. I love sports. This blog has become an extremely fun hobby and an exciting diversion from everyday life. I'd like to thank my wife for encouraging me to do it. Hopefully this will encourage you to do something you keep saying you're going to get around to, from my experience you might really be missing out.

Those are my suggestions for the week. Take 'em or leave 'em.

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