Thursday, May 5, 2011

Open Letter to Brad, Ed, and Drayton

Dear Astros Braintrust,

        As a lifetime Astros fan I want to get my thoughts on this 2011 version of my hometown 9 out in the open. First let me say that despite our record, I have enjoyed watching this team play so far. I think they compete on a nightly basis. The infusion of youth has been a welcome sight at least for this fan. Even as much as it pains me to see Lance Berkman making winning hits on a nightly basis for the evil empire....I mean Cardinals, I still think trading him was the right move. I for one have been asking this team to get younger and rebuild since at least 2007. I know how much fans enjoy keeping guys like Berkman and Oswalt for their whole career, but honestly, where did that get us with Bidge and Bags? Now my only recommendation is to go all in. I'm not sure if Drayton has a deal where Carlos will buy all his groceries from McLane as long as he is starting, but we really don't need to see El Caballo in LF anymore. Who cares how much he is getting paid? The best option for the Astros now and in the future is Jason Bourgeois. When you play him, Bourn, and Pence together in the outfield it is a thing of beauty. Talk about three young fielders who can really cover some ground. Carlos Lee is like a Kirstie Alley eyesore in the midst of young athletic dancers. PLEASE, relegate Carlos to ocassional DH/backup OF role. It's funny how the two biggest problems with this team, Lee and Lyon, both went down with injuries this week. Coincidentally, the Astros also enjoyed their first 3 game win streak since the Bush presidency. Brett Wallace? Yes, please. There is a guy who is making the most of his major league chance this season. Chris Johnson? Not so much, but I'm not ready to give up on him yet. I would love to see us get younger in the middle IF, and I would be devastated if Jordan Lyles is not in the rotataion by the end of the year. As far as catcher goes, it seems Towles is taking advantage of lowered expectations. I'd like to see how he does with 100 or so games over the course of the season. Obviously, Castro going down was a big bummer as we were all excited to see what he would bring, but if Towles improves maybe catcher could become a semi-deep position for the Astros for the first time since....FOREVER. Now, I know you guys are concerned about attendance. Let me tell you a little secret. Houston fans support winners. Remember 2005? The fans will be back in droves as soon as we develop this young nucleus into a team that can compete in the weakest division in baseball. This isn't Boston, for better and for worse, so trust me when I say these fans will not care what the names on the backs of the jerseys say as soon as they see Astros at the top of the standings. As Bob McNair might say, I think you guys are "on the right track". I just want to be sure you stay the course and don't become frustrated into making a splashy move just to drum up fake support. See you in the 2013 playoffs.

                                                                                                                 A lifelong Astros fan
P.S. If it's not too much Drayton, we would all be much obliged
if you went ahead and sold the team. No offense.



  1. Looks like Drayton read your letter

  2. It is a widely known fact that Drayton reads my blog religiously.