Friday, April 29, 2011

Texans 2011 Draft Recap Rounds 1-3

             If you're looking for a letter grade on the Texans 2011 draft, look elsewhere, I know from working in school that a letter grade is a lazy way to say nothing at all. What I will say is this: Wade Phillips has come to town on his black horse and hell has followed with him. Obviously Wade was heavily involved in the Texans draft room. I was iffy on the first pick, JJ Watt out of Wisconsin, but here are a few things Bum's son had to say. "He plays 100 miles an hour every play." “I think it gives us a lot of versatility with Mario now.”  “(Watt) can play the left end for you, and that gives us some versatility at what you want to do with Mario. I think that’s a big key point for us also.” Predictably, the Texans fan base was less than enthused by the selection. Fans ALWAYS want a sexy pick in the first round. If you aren't drafting Eva Longoria or a guy who runs a 3.5 in the 40 chances are the fans are going to be upset. That's fine, because if you're like me I would much rather Wade Phillips make the drafting decisions than fans who show up at Reliant in #10 Titans jerseys.
            If that wasn't enough to get you excited about the front 7, the Texans then used their second pick to take Brooks Reed OLB from Arizona. I would have loved Akeem Ayers falling to us here, but let me throw this tidbit of info at you: He ran the first 10 yards in 1.54 seconds, which Herring(LB coach) pointed out was faster than Von Miller. Ladies and gentlemen, your new strong side LB. I think you see where Wade is going here. He has stockpiled front 7 guys to be able to throw multiple looks at opposing QB's. Mario, Watt, Reed, Cushing, Barwin who knows on any given play who will be rushing and who will be dropping into coverage? BRING THE HEAT WADE!
          Now I know what you are saying, "Yeah, but the secondary still sucks." Have no fear, because in the boldest move of the first three rounds the Texans actually traded up to pick Miami CB Brandon Harris. I know, I know the Texans thinking outside of the box is alarming, next we'll be hearing that Gary Kubiak is starring in Hard Knocks next season. Or Bob McNair dished out big bucks to sign Namdi Asomugh (Dear God, please let that one be true). Normally I don't put a lot into a draft pick's quotes, but check out what Harris said, “I’m going to bring a lot to the organization,” he said. “I’m going to be a shutdown corner. I’m going to bring the University of Miami swagger to the team, be a very disciplined player, very coachable and just have a good time enjoying it.” A lot of football guys who know way more about these college kids than me thought Harris could be one of the best CB in this draft. With the run on CB that started after this pick, it began to look smarter and smarter as the night went on.
         So in summary, the Texans got three defensive players, at three different levels of the field, who should immediately play and give Wade multiple scheming options. You know what? Just for the sake of not smart fans and Jerome Solomon: I give the Texans an A for the first three rounds. Four more picks to go and hopefully free agency and already this defense is looking drastically better.

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