Saturday, April 23, 2011

Stephen's Suggestions 4/23/2011

I'm back with a special Easter edition of suggestions for you. So if you're like me, here are some things to fill your time with while munching on your kids' left over candies.

SPORTS:  NFL DRAFT! NFL DRAFT! NFL DRAFT! Thursday 7pm ESPN. In case you haven't heard football is now the national past time, and no event has benefited more from this than the NFL draft. The annual celebration of bad suits, over the top hyperbole, and lottery bound family members can now be enjoyed in prime time. Unlike the Super Bowl, the outcome of this event will directly affect the future of every team.  Titles could very well be won and lost on the basis of how well your team drafts this week (No pressure Texans brass).

NBA PLAYOFFS: So far these playoffs have been nearly as good as advertised. My predictions are looking pretty good, (of course the first rd. is the easiest) and the games have been delightfully chippy. The three things I have enjoyed most:
3. The Carmelo Anthony debacle in New York. Predictable and pathetic. His reality tv star wife is going to be looking for someone with better exposure soon.
2. The beginning of the end for the San Antonio Spurs. At this point I think we are just waiting for Ginobili's bald spot to reach his forehead, Tony Parker to start dating Amy Winehouse, and Tim Duncan's knees to explode. Is it bad that I am rooting for all 3?
1. My growing man crush on Derrick Rose. What a joy this guy is to watch. Love that he didn't WANT Lebron. Love how he attacks the basket like a power forward. Love how he developed into a respected shooter. Love his patented spin move and lightning quickness...........better stop now. Is my wife reading this?

TV: THE OFFICE: This Thursday is Michael Scott's final episode on The Office. Really, who cares about some British Royal's wedding? AMERICA is more interested in seeing the final episode of television's all-time greatest boss. It's an hour long episode that will hopefully send Michael and Holly off properly, and set up Deangelo Vickers (Will Ferrell) brief stay as intern. As Bart Scott would say, "CAN'T WAIT!"

PARKS AND REC: Michael Scott may be the funniest boss on television, but for my money the funniest character has to be Ron Swanson. Not an episode has gone by this season where Ron hasn't done or said something to make me laugh to the point of physical pain. Whether he is extolling the virtues of 100% beef hamburgers, bringing back typewriters, or pulling out his own teeth during meetings, Ron Swanson is one dude I would love to have at my place of work. Funniest show on television right now.

EASTER: Head to church. I'll be there tomorrow to celebrate a day that means everything to Christians around the world. Without getting on my soapbox, let me just throw one thing out there. If we want others to realize that Jesus conquered death, let's live like we are not already dead. Tomorrow is a celebration, and really every day we have life should be spent celebrating all of God's creation. Make others jealous of how you live life, don't make them thankful they don't feel obligated to follow man made rules and obligations.

Those are my suggestions for the week. Take 'em or leave 'em.

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