Thursday, April 21, 2011

Send Leach to...........South Beach???


      I find it unbelievable, and unfortunately also very typical that the Texans are rumored to be losing Vonta Leach once the lockout ends. When Owen Daniels signed after the season and the team was strangely silent about Vonta, I was afraid that this would be the result. Don't get me wrong, I think Daniels is a great player. He's also had injury issues, and in my opinion we have two good to very good backups at tight end already on our roster. Of course we all know that Gary Kubiak loves tight ends like a fat kid loves cake so we signed O.D., and who knows, we will probably be taking a tight end at #11 next week too. Meanwhile, one of the biggest reasons our ground game was vastly improved in 2010 is walking out the door. If there ends up being a run on defensive players in the top 10, Julio Jones may very well be the best player available at #11. I would love to see the Texans take Julio there and give Andre a sidekick on the other side, and IF that happens Daniels could end up being the third option in the passing game next year. Then I am fairly sure Vonta would be a much more valued piece than Owen Daniels. Vonta is an above average lead blocker, and the pride he takes in leveling defensive players is one of the best parts of every Texan game. Heck, If McNair feels our FB is undeserving of that much money I wouldn't even be opposed to sticking him at a LB spot every now and then, God knows we could use a few guys on that side of the ball who enjoy stopping people in their tracks. If we have seen the last of Leach in a Texans jersey, then I'm glad we helped vote him into the Pro Bowl. I will certainly miss watching him level guys in the running game, and as Texans fans we wish him the best. We may have just taken a large step back, but don't worry Texans fans as we all like to say here in Houston........."We're on the right track!"

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