Saturday, April 2, 2011

Final Four Antithesis


          Uconn vs Kentucky. The de facto championship game. The game to determine who can spend the most money on prized amateur recruits. In one corner you had the snake like Calipari. A man who has already left two programs in shambles. He excels at attracting young, self indulged athletes who are interested in completing their mandatory one year of college ball before fleeing for NBA millions. Lebron James even tweeted that he was pulling for this guy. Really King James? The last thing I need is your take on college basketball, but it is surprising you would go for the favorite, NBA-laden Wildcats. Did you make that pick with your Yankees cap and Cowboys jersey on? Look I can respect Coach Cal's innovative dribble drive motion X's and O's, but I think there is more to coaching young men than that. Luckily Kentucky was ousted by UConn. But don't get too excited, apparently the other Coach Cal has ways of attracting young NBA talent as well. UConn is under investigation now for NCAA infractions including paying for recruits surgeries and providing them with weekly allowances. Awesome. What is this, SEC football? So now UConn will play on Monday night for a national championship that would likely be stripped from their rafters faster than you can say Fab 5 or Uncle Toms.
                 But wait, there is another polar opposite option for you to cheer for. Butler is comprised of upperclassmen who play basketball AND go to class. They are a team who lost an NBA talent and instead of paying another kid to take his place, they banded together and fought their way back to a second championship game. Last year they were a Hoosiers-esque miracle shot away from beating the kings of college basketball. Butler is headed by Brad Stevens, a family man who just happens to be a heck of a basketball coach too. Usually when you see him he is surrounded by his kids, or speaking for a charity. Stevens may not have the respect in basketball circles that the two Cals have, but NOBODY gets more effort out of their players than he does. Calipari and Calhoun represent the establishment in college basketball, but Stevens is the coach of the people. A guy who could win with skill and effort, as opposed to sneakiness and cheating.
               So unless your name is Ashley Judd, you graduated from Connecticut or Kentucky, or you just plain hate the game of basketball, I am going to assume you will be rooting for Butler Monday night. Hopefully, everybody inside Reliant stadium will be hopping on that bandwagon with the speed of Charles Barkley at a Golden Corral. After Butler wins, maybe Kemba Walker will make a documentary calling Mack and Van Zant "Uncle Toms". Good luck Butler........the masses are behind you.         

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