Thursday, March 31, 2011

Opening Day = Father's Day

Opening Day of the baseball season is one of the biggest holidays we celebrate here in America. Sure football is king right now, but baseball is still America's past time. Sunday afternoons encourage all day couch consumption, but to many people, baseball encourages family and friends. Football is best consumed with a gigantic bowl of nachos, sitting in front of a 50' HD television screen. Baseball is best consumed at the park with family and friends. Baseball is about Fathers and sons, even more vivid to me in light of my first son being born this week, just days before opening day. Some of my best childhood memories include my Dad and baseball. Whether it was playing catch in the front yard or sitting together in center field at the Astrodome, baseball plays a big part in our relationship. Now I am excited to share those experiences with my son. Watching Astros third baseman Chris Johnson talking with his dad, a coach for the Red Sox, before yesterday's scrimmage showed how baseball brings even adult fathers and sons together. Maybe it's the long seasons filled with ups and downs that reflect real relationships. Maybe it's the rich history of fathers and sons who became heroes and legends. Maybe it's just the idea of spending nine innings debating strategy with your Dad. Whatever your reason for enjoying baseball and fathers I hope you are as excited for this season as I am. I know the biggest highlight this year will be taking my little guy to his first game at Minute Maid Park. ........and yes I am hoping he won't have to wait as long as my Dad and I have to see the Astros win it all.


  1. This is one of my husband’s favorite sports. I think he considers today a holiday. Working at DISH Network I recently purchased him the Google TV. He is so excited that he can watch his game and at the same time on our TV go online and check out his Fantasy Leagues and check the other team’s scores. He loves that he doesn't have to get off the couch at commercial times to surf the web. It was the best present I could have ever bought him.

  2. Can't wait for your nephew to experience his first game as well! Maybe we can double up! We were a part of your daughter's first game... : )