Sunday, March 20, 2011

Doc Rivers better Recognize

Doc Rivers might not know much about Kyle Lowry, but Rockets fans sure are learning a lot. The point guard who took over the team full time following the Aaron Brooks trade has made believers out of the whole city. What this team has always been missing is a go-to guy. Kevin Martin was obviously not that guy. He is a good piece but his main talent is drawing fouls when he has absolutely no way of actually making the shot he is taking. (An underappreciated quality by the way). He is a Tim Meadows. Capable of carrying a sketch or two, but you are never going to watch a whole movie that revolves around him. Kyle Lowry on the other hand is developing into a show stopper. He seems to genuinely relish having the ball in important situations. And why not, he is fully capable of getting to the basket or creating a shot for a teammate. Just ask Chuck Hayes aka the Chuckwagon who is having his best offensive season as a pro. Add to that Lowry's work ethic which has caused him to develop into an above average outside shooter (you might want Rondo to take some notes here Doc) and you get a player who has been scorching teams in the last month. Sure we are still missing a piece or two Rockets fans, but let's sit back and enjoy this playoff run that Kyle Lowry is taking us on and trust D Morey will continue to build a contender. Just remember when the Rockets season is over all we will have are the Astros. And oh yeah.......I'm pretty sure after last Friday Doc Rivers knows EXACTLY who Kyle Lowry is.


  1. Great Post. I'm looking forward to more.

  2. By the way. Who's Doc Rivers?

  3. Ha. He is the Boston Celtics head coach.